In 2024, OR invested 8 billion baht to expand business overseas.

Cambodia, OR invests 8 billion baht to expand business abroad. Strategically position Cambodia as a second home.Mr. Disthat Panyarachun, Chief Executive Officer of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited or OR, revealed that OR aims to stren...

Cambodia, OR invests 8 billion baht to expand business abroad. Strategically position Cambodia as a second home.

Mr. Disthat Panyarachun, Chief Executive Officer of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited or OR, revealed that OR aims to strengthen its business operations in foreign countries where OR operates. living especially Cambodia OR has set a strategy to be a second home by focusing on strengthening and increasing diversity in business operations. Including seeking opportunities with partners both from Thailand and local partners. Including expanding business into new countries. It has set a five-year investment budget (2024-2028) for the Global business group at 8,007 million baht, focusing on expanding PTT Station and Café Amazon service stations and investing in infrastructure in countries with potential such as Cambodia Because it is a country with a lot of potential with GDP growth at the level of 5% and free market value along with various businesses OR has previously expanded into Cambodia and has experienced significant growth. In 2024, the company has prepared an investment budget of approximately USD 50 million. to invest in various infrastructure matters Supports business expansion, especially the LNG terminal, which is expected to begin operations in 2025. Initially, LPG will be sold mainly to the industrial sector. before expanding to commercial building customers

Mr. Racha Uthaichan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Regarding foreign business, OR said that in Cambodia OR operates the entire Mobility business group, including the distribution of fuel through PTT Station service stations, product storage warehouses. and the lubricant business, PTT Lubricants, as well as investing in joint venture companies. To provide aircraft refueling services at the new international airport in Phnom Penh. which is currently under construction It is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2024, including seeking opportunities to operate other energy businesses, such as Battery Swapping and EV charging stations. PluZ and the Lifestyle business group have business operations including Café Amazon, convenience stores. and a laundry convenience store “Otteri Wash and Dry” Otteri Wash and Dry

As for investment in Myanmar It must be delayed for now. Due to political problems within the country, Laos plans to be a source of coffee bean supply for other countries in the future.

As for Vietnam, OR has joined hands with Central Group to enter the Food and Beverage business because Vietnam has not yet allowed foreign investors to invest in opening gas stations, and the Philippines continues to sell jet fuel. and sell to industry

Mr. Natthaphong Kaewtrakulphong Managing Director of PTT (Cambodia) Company Limited (PTTCL) said PTTCL is committed to expanding its business base to build strength in Cambodia. It operates its business with the concept of “Betterment for Cambodian Community and Lifestyle” which places importance on creating growth in 3 dimensions, including economics, society and the environment. Ready to seek new business opportunities with partners both from Thailand and potential local partners For the Mobility business group, PTTCL has a network of 6 product warehouses to support the distribution of fuel and jet fuel. And next year the company has prepared an investment budget of approximately 50 million US dollars. Or approximately 1,700 billion baht, investing in building infrastructure to support business expansion, such as oil and gas LPG terminals, asphalt mixing plants. It will also add another 27 PTT Stations from the current 172 in various areas. All over Cambodia And by the end of this year, another 3 locations will be opened. Currently, PTT Station service stations in Cambodia have a market share of 17.3%, ranking 2nd after number 1, Tela, a domestic oil company. with a market share of 39.3%

In addition, the company also plans to invest in an LPG storage capacity of 2,200 tons, using a total investment budget of USD 12.5 million. It is expected that early next year the contract will be signed with construction contractors. and is scheduled to open for business in 2025. LPG will initially be sold to the industrial sector first. Then it will be expanded to sell to commercial building groups. and also looking at investing in the asphalt business

As for the Lifestyle business group, it stands out with Café Amazon, which has been well received by Cambodians. Currently, there are 231 Café Amazon branches, as well as 61 convenience store branches and the Otteri Wash and Dry convenience store, which brings OR’s partners to pioneer the laundry convenience store market in the country. Cambodia To create options for a fully integrated lifestyle To meet the needs of all types of lifestyles of consumers Using electrical energy, such as piloting the installation of a solar rooftop on the roof of PTT Station Chbar Ampov branch, installing and opening 3 EV charging stations PluZ in Cambodia.

Cafe Amazon currently has 231 branches, with a market share of 23%. Next year, the company plans to expand to 31 more branches, with a target profit from the company’s operations totaling 45 million US dollars, or approximately 1,575 million baht, in 2028.

In addition, the company also places importance on caring for the community through several social activities, such as Café Amazon for Chance, awarding scholarships. Opening space in PTT Station service stations as product distribution points for farmers, etc., which is in line with the OR 2030 goals in 3 dimensions effectively. It is also in line with OR’s vision “Empowering All toward Inclusive Growth” to fulfill opportunities. for every growth Together.

Source: Thai News Agency