“Phrae” wins gold medal in men’s football, Ratchaburi Games

Ratchaburi, "Ratchaburi Games" will have an official closing ceremony for the competition. This evening, while "Phrae" won the gold medal in men's football. The last day of the "Ratchaburi Games" will have a closing ceremony this evening. As for yes...

Ratchaburi, “Ratchaburi Games” will have an official closing ceremony for the competition. This evening, while “Phrae” won the gold medal in men’s football.

The last day of the “Ratchaburi Games” will have a closing ceremony this evening. As for yesterday’s final day of competition, there was a competition for 155 gold medals, football competing for 2 gold medals at the Ratchaburi Provincial Stadium, men’s team category, final round, Kanchanaburi, blue-sand shirts, met Phrae in the 40th minute, Thanakorn Inthasorn headed Kanchanaburi up. Leading 1-0 in the second half in the 65th minute, Phrae succeeded in equalizing. From Natthakit Maothung’s header in the 78th minute, Natthakit headed his own second goal in the game, helping Phrae turn 2-1 up, but at the end of the game in the 83rd minute, Kanchanaburi equalized with a header. of Itthiphon Phupuangchan, the game ended in a 2-2 draw and the winner had to be decided by a penalty shootout.

It appeared that Phrae shot more accurately, winning 4-3 and winning
the gold medal for the first time. Kanchanaburi section got a silver medal And the bronze medal went to Chonburi and Bangkok, young football players from Phrae Province. Said he was happy to win the championship for the first time.

Amateur boxing competition for 18 gold medals at Ratchaburi Technical College Women’s Featherweight 57 kilograms final round: “Nong Focus” Thanyaporn Taeng-on, a 15-year-old boxer from Sisaket, Red Corner, meets Chawallak Sonnam from Roi Et throughout the fight in all 3 rounds. The pair exchanged fierce punches, but Thanyaporn relied on timing the punches to the face more accurately. Until Chawallak had a broken wound on his eyebrow. The entire team raised their hands for “Nong Focus” to win the score 4-1. Nong Focus said he was happy to win the gold medal.

Sepak Takraw competed for 2 gold medals at Benjamara Chutit School, men’s team category. In the final round, Suphanburi, the black team, met Nonthaburi, with Team A Suphanburi losing first 0-2 sets 11-21 and 18-21 before Team
B came back to win 2-0 sets 21-17 and 21-18, tying the score at 1. -1 team before Team C of Suphanburi Will win 2-1 sets 13-21,21-16 and 21-9, causing the Suphanburi team to win 2-1 and win the gold medal.

Basketball, competing for 2 gold medals at the 4,000-seat gym, women’s team category In the final round, Nakhon Pathom, the white shirts, met Ang Thong. In this game, the players were worried about the Nakhon Pathom girls. Play better They won overwhelmingly 96-49 points and won the gold medal, while Ang Thong received the silver medal. and the bronze medals went to Buriram and Chiang Mai.

Mr. Kiattisak Thongsiri, Governor of Ratchaburi Province Said he was satisfied with the overall organization of the competition. But he admits that there are still many things that need to be improved. To keep up with the 6th National Senior Sports Competition, Muang Ong Games. Between 19-26 April this year, Ratchaburi Province will host the competition.

Summary of medals for youth athletes from Bangkok Reigning as the
gold medalist for the 34th time, there were 149 gold medals, 109 silver medals, and 118 bronze medals, followed by Chonburi with 49 gold medals and 3rd place Chiang Mai with 46 gold medals, while Chaop Ratchaburi finished in 38th place, winning 5 gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 11 Bronze medal

Source: Thai News Agency