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Take the auspicious first day of military conscription to criticize the government for not following through on campaigning.

Kaewklai Party, Kaewklai Party held the auspicious day of "military conscription" on the first day, criticizing the government for not following through with the campaign. 'Abolish military conscription' invites people to follow up on whether it will...

Kaewklai Party, Kaewklai Party held the auspicious day of “military conscription” on the first day, criticizing the government for not following through with the campaign. ‘Abolish military conscription’ invites people to follow up on whether it will change or not. The military committee prepares to bring in a psychiatrist to see soldiers who are sick and anxious, taunting it to make “Defense” look like an example.

The Progressive Party held a Policy Watch press conference on the topic: The first step for soldiers must be safety. The next step must be to cancel the compulsory military conscription by Lt. Thanadet Pengsuk, MP for Bangkok, Progressive Party, in his capacity as Vice Chairman of the Military Commission. House of Representatives Discussing the Safe Soldiers Project by Invite military personnel who have been unfairly treated to complain through the project. Ready to send a message to new and old personnel who fled the military to come and complain to the committee. We will bring everyone back int
o the military. Division with safety

‘Over the past month there has been a lot of bad news about the military industry. We heard the news of the hanging. Soldier jumping from building Due to mental illness or anxiety is good. The Military Commission is therefore preparing to bring a group of psychiatrists to meet with these groups of people. To serve as a rolling model for the Ministry of Defense to look at as examples for improvement. As of right now, we still cannot cancel the military draft. The best we can do is protect our personnel. Both dignity and safety Including a space for families and peace of mind that members of the House of Representatives That which belongs to our fellow citizens will be on our side. Both in times of suffering and in times of happiness,’ Lt. Thanadet said.

Lt. Col. Thanadet said that abolishing the military conscription has not yet been accomplished by the current government. The Progressive Party had already sent the draft to the Cabinet. Because it is a draft financial law
But haven’t received a reply yet. The party has submitted another bill (Act) that is not a financial draft. Viewed as a measure of the hearts of the government and all fellow members of the House of Representatives. Whether the things we said during the campaign will come true or not. This detail disqualifies the military from conscripting soldiers during non-combat situations. There are two types of cancellation of military conscription: year-to-year and permanent cancellation.

‘Currently, the average demand for military personnel in Thailand is approximately 90,000 per year. Currently, there are approximately 30,000 applicants, which means that in one year, there will be people who must take the risk of receiving a black or red card. Existence of current military conscription Not that it’s a good result. Because everyone who enlists in the military has costs and damages incurred. I didn’t go voluntarily, but it was necessary to remind me. Everyone has a price to pay. Whether it is rights and freedom Growth
in both careers or even taking care of parents in the final moments of their lives,’ said Lt. Thanadet.

Lt. Col. Thanadet said that our mindset does not affect the security of the country. Our proposal is that the military must make conditions to reduce demand, reduce personnel, reduce ghost numbers that cannot be clearly verified. He is confident that every department will have leaner personnel numbers. There will be approximately 50,000-60,000 employees, which in addition to reducing demand We also need to increase welfare for soldiers who voluntarily join the army. Improving the quality of life, guaranteeing income, protecting basic safety. I am confident that if I can improve the quality of life of soldiers There will be quite a few people who are ready to volunteer to become soldiers.

‘The progressive party proposes to cancel it. Military Conscription Act 1954 to cut off the power of the army to compel people to become soldiers unnecessarily. Today is the first day of conscription. But the policies use
d by the Ministry of Defense are not the same as during the election campaign. If the government uses the half application method The rest comes from conscription. Moreover, there is no clear plan for how much the personnel will be reduced within 4 years. This time is therefore a time to test the hearts of the people. whether the government has done as campaigned or not,’ Lt. Thanadet said.

Source: Thai News Agency