“Thai builds Thai” will not make anyone a beggar.

Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party Mentioned the readiness to fight for the election of MPs that the Thai Sang Thai Party was ready for the whole country. But admitted that there are points that need to be emphasized in man...

Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party Mentioned the readiness to fight for the election of MPs that the Thai Sang Thai Party was ready for the whole country. But admitted that there are points that need to be emphasized in many areas. The Thai Sang Thai Party has both strong and weak points. But it is considered ready to fight the election battle. Currently, the primary vote is rushing, which is ready in more than 300 constituencies, and the party list is expected to be no problem. Now we have to go to the southern region more. because the party has a good policy for the south Ready to be the true way of survival of the country

“Today we have come to make the people win. Politics mired in bipolar conflicts for more than 17 years have intensified since the 2006 coup and are now mired as we have seen. But if choosing the other side, it will be locked. Worked for a few years, then another 8 years in a coup, so the people who lose are the people,” Khunying Sudarat said.

Khunying Sudarat continued that the Thai Sang Thai Party would not turn Thai people into beggars. But want to create opportunities and empower all the little people. able to stand up The triangular pyramid became rich and scattered. a rugby ball Let there be only one poor and one rich. and let the one in the middle be free of debt. Confirmed that choosing the Thai Sang Thai Party would not cause the vote to fall into the water. because we clearly declare that we will not be a foothold for the dictatorship Including not encouraging cross-breeding. because it is equal to deceiving the public before the election After all, you guys go and breed. therefore requesting clarity so that the public will not be deceived

Khunying Sudarat Mentioned the reasons why the Thai Party created Thailand would be the way to survive for the people: 1. We do not lead the country into bipolar politics. 2. If you are afraid that your uncle must choose us. 3. We have experience knowledgeable people

“Not some people have been government officials all their lives. After becoming prime minister Said it was very easy to manage the country. What was the result? And it’s not like someone from the business sector can do it. because the mechanisms of bureaucracy are complex We have seen many examples that have gone in, the job has not come out, and have been swallowed up by the bureaucratic system. But if we speak the language of the villagers Having worked this much, we have been successful since the Palangdhamma Party era. to the Thai Rak Thai Party We are tough enough to push for governmental policies to prevent us.”

When asked if Nida Poll revealed the results, the people of Bangkok voted for Khunying Sudarat as number 4. What do you think? Khunying Sudarat said We still have to work against ourselves. Every poll may reflect the same or differently. We listen and must learn that Today, if anyone agrees with the Thai Sang Thai Party, although it is a new party If chosen by a landslide People will definitely not lose in the past 17 years.

The reporter asked if Khunying Sudarat was ready to be a candidate for Prime Minister of the party or not. Khunying Sudarat stated that if the party had a resolution for him to be prime minister. He is ready to lead the country. Ready to bring experience in working in politics for the past 30 years in many ministries know the bureaucracy and make difficult tasks always easy view that if the Thai Party Creates Thai wins the election in a landslide will be a true victory for the people.

When asked about Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, chairman of the strategy of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Launched as a candidate for Prime Minister With a phrase to overcome conflict, like Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, leader of the Pracharath Party Khunying Sudarat stated that she had to ask back if the reason for seizing power claimed she wanted to create reconciliation, but she had been there for 8 years, she just came to do things to overcome the conflict today. showing insincerity Just hoping for votes no real intention Therefore, if choosing the Thai Sang Thai Party It is guaranteed that no uncle can harm the country.

The Thai Sang Thai Party has not come up with a polar equation with any political party But has announced many times that he will not join hands with the dictator. Reiterate that we do not support cross-fertilization. because it is considered to boil the people Today, he does not dare to shake hands with any party. because he didn’t know what he was like in the end He asked to shake hands with the people. to overcome evil

When asked to reiterate that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra stated that the Pheu Thai Party might shake hands with General Prawit, but would like to be the last option, how do you look? For those who need to hold hands across the terminal It’s about that party. He thinks that making the city today She thinks like a mother I didn’t think how many chairs I would get. To exchange for a minister, to cheat, to buy votes If so, he doesn’t do it. He was not thirsty for power. If you have to work hard to take office and change the country. Wasting time to row the boat for the thief to sit. and would like to reiterate that he is ready to debate every stage after this.- Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency