‘Transportation’ speeds up important projects according to policy

Bangkok, "Transportation" accelerates the speed of the important project, the 20 baht electric train, meeting the needs of passengers, increasing by 26.99%. Preparing to add feeders to connect the urgent electric train network for another 30 routes, ...

Bangkok, “Transportation” accelerates the speed of the important project, the 20 baht electric train, meeting the needs of passengers, increasing by 26.99%. Preparing to add feeders to connect the urgent electric train network for another 30 routes, making progress on the double-track train from Nakhon Pathom – Chumphon, ready to accelerate the speed of the train. High Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima

Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit Minister of Transport along with Mrs. Monporn Charoensri, Deputy Minister of Transport Urge all agencies under the Ministry of Transport to join in driving important projects. In the meeting of the committee to drive and follow up on the implementation of important projects according to the policy of the Minister of Transport and Deputy Minister of Transport No. 1/2024

Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit said that today there was a meeting of the committee to drive and follow up on the performance of important projects in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Transport. So that al
l departments work together to drive and follow up on operations to achieve concrete results and be more efficient. The implementation of important projects is as follows:

20 baht electric train policy along the entire line (Red Line Suburban Train and Purple Line MRT) to reduce the cost of living burden for the people. It was found that passenger volume increased by 26.99%. Currently, there are buses connecting to the Red Line suburban train. By improving Category 1 bus routes in Bangkok and provinces that have continuous routes to connect to Bangkok Apiwat Central Station, 15 routes are BMTA buses, 8 routes, Thai Smile Bus Company buses and affiliates. 7 routes. In addition, the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) and the Department of Land Transport (TPL) are considering guidelines for arranging feeder routes to increase the efficiency of the 20 baht electric train policy throughout the line. They will push for accelerated implementation. Express 30 routes by 2024 to support the Purp
le Line and Red Line electric train services. In the medium term, within 2025 – 2026, another 15 routes will be pushed to support connecting the Blue Line, Green Line, Pink Line, and Orange Line, and another 66 routes will be implemented in the next phase from 2027 onwards.

Construction of the double track railway, Nakhon Pathom – Hua Hin section and Prachuap Khiri Khan – Chumphon section, has progress on contract 1, Nakhon Pathom – Nong Pla Lai section, with 98.05% performance. Contract 2, Nong Pla Lai – Hua Hin section, with 99.12% performance. Contract 3, section. Hua Hin – Prachuap Khiri Khan, 100% completed, in the process of delivering work according to the contract, Contract 4, Prachuap Khiri Khan – Bang Saphan Noi, with 95.46% performance, Contract 5, Bang Saphan Noi – Chumphon, with 99.08% performance, and Contract 6, procurement and installation of signaling systems. and telecommunications has a cumulative performance of 57.76%. It is expected that the entire route can be opened in August 2024.

gh-speed rail project Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima, civil works phase 1, Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima section, has a cumulative performance of 31.92%, information as of February 25, 2024. The meeting assigned the SRT to expedite construction according to the plan, so as not to delay construction Avoid extending the contract further. Except in cases of force majeure as specified in relevant laws and regulations. and assigned the Department of Rail Transport (RTA) to help supervise the construction of the SRT to be in accordance with the plan. As well as being the main agency in pushing for solving related problems.

The construction project on Rama 2 Road, which must be completed by mid-2025, has been assigned to the Department of Highways (DPWH) to designate individuals to be responsible for overseeing each contract. By the construction plan which is currently slower than the plan, bring the plan to make a recovery plan so that the project completed within the specified time period and those responsible for eac
h contract must report to the Director-General and report to the Ministry Know on a monthly basis

Accelerating the development of the transportation network in Phuket Province of the Highway Department consists of a construction project to expand traffic lanes on Highway 4027, Ban Phara – Ban Mueang Mai section. Interchange construction project at the intersection of Highways 402 with Highways 4027 and Highway 4025 (harbour underpass). New road construction project, Ban Mueang Mai section – three-way intersection into Phuket Airport. (City bypass). All 3 projects will be completed within 2026 for the construction project of the interchange at the intersection of Highway 402 with Highway 4027 and Highway 4025 (harbour underpass) at km. 34. +680 (T.L.402) is sensitive. Both in the dimension of bringing in the monuments of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon and demolishing and moving public utilities. as well as current traffic management and during construction which the committee The Royal Thai Navy has
been assigned to put various requirements into the TOR preparation process. In addition, the Royal Thai Navy has been assigned to set the qualifications of contractors in a special hierarchy. To get contractors with the highest standards/technology and determine the maximum penalty To ensure that quality contractors will be obtained. For solving current traffic problems and traffic management Has assigned to discuss with the provincial governor, police and OTP to find a solution to the said problem.

To solve the problem of large ships being unable to pass through Sarasin Bridge, the Royal Thai Navy has a project to construct a new Sarasin Bridge. It is proposed to allocate a budget for a detailed design in 2025 with a budget of 80 million baht. It is expected that construction will begin in 2029. As for the Marine Department (Marine Department), there are guidelines for dredging the water channel to a depth of 4 – 4.5 meters, developing a sand barrier and Pak Phra – Sarasin River Waves, Phuket Province The b
udget will be used to study the feasibility of 10 million baht from the remaining budget for 2024 of the Provincial Administrative Organization.

Permission for Super Yachts to enter the Kingdom by the Royal Thai Army has prepared information on operations to accommodate tourists in Phuket traveling by Yacht/Super Yacht cruise ships, including studying the necessity of procedures, guidelines and time period for requesting permission. according to law In the case of importing a Super Yacht into Thailand In order to facilitate the process of requesting permission quickly. and can attract tourists to generate more income for the country

Development of a port to accommodate large cruise ships (Cruise Terminal) According to the government’s policy to generate income from tourism, the Royal Thai Navy has planned to develop a port to accommodate large cruise ships covering the shipping routes along the Gulf of Thailand to support shipping on routes from the port of departure in Singapore. and the destination port i
s Hong Kong. By stopping at Koh Samui District. Surat Thani Province and Laem Chabang Port Chonburi Province For the Andaman side, it supports sailing routes from the port of departure in Singapore. Stopped to park at Phuket Island. and Krabi province Currently, there is a project to develop a wharf to accommodate large cruise ships (Cruise Terminal) at Laem Chabang Port. And the Andaman coast is in the process of studying the feasibility, worthiness, development investment model, including analyzing operations according to the guidelines of the Public-Private Joint Investment Act 2019 for the port development project. etc. Koh Samui District Suitability study has been completed.

Following up on the progress of important legal matters, such as the progress in pushing for the (draft) Rail Transport Act B.E….. which is currently pending with the Ministry. Prepare to present it to the Cabinet (Cabinet) for approval in principle. After that, the Civil Service Commission will ask for support to push forward the
issue of expediting and following up on the legislative branch’s consideration of the draft bill so that it can be enforced quickly. If The Rail Transport Act B.E…. comes into force and will create laws that will help protect passengers and users of the rail transport system. There are also penalties for those who do anything that violates or fails to comply with any conditions as specified by this law. For example, in the case of an accident on the rail system, there will be stricter penalties and provisions. As for the (draft) Ticket Act. Joint B.E…. At this time, the subcommittee under the Common Ticket System Policy Committee has agreed in principle. Currently between the Minister of Transport As the Chairman of the Common Ticket System Policy Committee (KT), consider and then submit the matter to the Cabinet for consideration and approval. Both acts are expected to come into effect within 2025.

As for progress in preparing to push Thailand back to the aviation standards of the United States Aviation
Administration (FAA CAT1) so that Thai airlines can return to service in the United States. This will allow Thai airlines to provide service to the United States. Currently, Thailand is ready in every aspect. The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) will be coordinating with the FAA to inspect within 2024.

In addition, Mr. Suriya has provided policy guidelines for the relevant agencies to proceed with in preparation for the next meeting as follows:

Guidelines for driving the government’s Aviation Hub policy, which has been assigned to Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT), Department of Airports (ATI), Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Company Limited (AEROTHAI), CAAT and The Civil Aviation Institute (CPA) has integrated guidelines for bringing policy into concrete practice together by having AOT and CAAT consider taking the following actions:

1) AOT has to expedite action as follows:

Accelerate. study review Suvarnabhumi Airport Master Plan To be able to accommodate 80 million passengers
in the short term 1 – 3 years and 150 million passengers in the long term. According to government orders:

Study guidelines for transferring airport management as a whole of TAT in order to reduce problems in public investment. loss of airport and airline management

Prepare an Action Plan for improving infrastructure. at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport and 4 other airports, and 2 new ones to be built, both in Lanna and Andaman. Make it concrete

Prepare an Action Plan for ground services and inside the passenger building

2) for the Civil Service Commission

Together with the airport management. and airlines in revamping and modifying aviation slots for maximum benefit to Thailand. To be appropriate to attract airlines to use Thailand’s airports Especially Suvarnabhumi Airport in being a Transit Hub

. Improve regulations for providing services, registration, and facilitating the use of private aircraft so that Thailand can be a full-fledged Private Jet Hub, as good and convenient as possible
in the region.

Prepare regulations. and law Supports unmanned aerial vehicles To control its use to be safe for both citizens and airports.

Study and plan the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in preparing SAF fuel mixing requirements for international aircraft that are refueled in Thailand. Taking into account the requirements of ICAO, EU and Singapore in order for Thailand to develop SAF appropriately.

Mr. Suriya further added that Driving and following up on important projects of the Ministry of Transport that must be implemented in 2024 and 2025 in all dimensions, including land, rail, air, and water, will be an important mechanism that helps drive government policy and the national economy. Create convenience, safety and a good quality of life for the people. There are a total of 72 important projects and agencies under the Ministry of Transport are assigned to drive and monitor the implementation of various projects so that they can be completed within the speci
fied time period. In order to continue to meet the goals set under the policy framework “Transportation for the happiness of the people” .

Source: Thai News Agency