“Chat Thai Pattana” goes on a wow tour Announcement to raise the flag of Yasothon

Yasothon, March 26 – “Warawut” raises a large army of National Thai Pattana “Wow Thailand Tour” stage 2, announces the flag of Yasothon Province, ready to swing candidates for a three-wheeled show. request a rating “Weerasak-Thongsit” goes to work whil…

Yasothon, March 26 – “Warawut” raises a large army of National Thai Pattana “Wow Thailand Tour” stage 2, announces the flag of Yasothon Province, ready to swing candidates for a three-wheeled show. request a rating “Weerasak-Thongsit” goes to work while “Praphat” asks for sacred blessings announced that the flag of Yasothon Province must be planted

At 6:00 a.m. on March 26, 2023 in Yasothon Province, the Chart Thai Pattana Party goes on a “Wow Thailand Tour” for the 3rd day, with Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, leader of the Chart Thai Pattana Party, Mr. Prapat Phosuthon. Party Secretary Mr. Anurak Jureemas, Deputy Leader of the Party Dr. Udom Prongfah, Party Executive Committee and party members lead the team to introduce themselves Mr. Weerasak Khotsombat, former deputy president of the Yasothon Provincial Administrative Organization, as a possible candidate for the Yasothon MPs in the 1st constituency of the Chart Thai Pattana Party. ready to meet and talk with the merchants and people who come to shop at the Yasothon municipal fresh market with people giving flowers, tying a loincloth and giving a garland to Mr. Warawut The atmosphere was warm and pleasant. Most of them said that they would pour their hearts and points to Mr. Weerasak. party candidate

After that, Mr. Warawut and his team sat down to eat Vietnamese noodles and pork yor, a popular breakfast of Yasothon people. before Mr. Weerasak Will spin a tricycle for Mr. Warawut to sit and greet the people

Before opening the campaign stage, Mr. Warawut and the candidate MPs visited the City Pillar Shrine. which Mr. Warawut and Mr. Prapat Went to look at the list of donors to contribute to the construction of the City Pillar Shrine on December 5, 1987, whose name was Mr. Banharn Silpa-archa while in office. Minister of Industry Is the number 1 name, giving a donation of 30,000 baht and joining together to pay homage to the city pillar. by Mr. Praphat made a loud wish saying “May the Chart Thai Party successfully develop and plant the flag at Yasothon.”

Then at 8:45 a.m., Mr. Warawut and his group traveled to Bung Noi Bung Yai Public Park. Yasothon Municipality, Yasothon Province, pay homage to Phra Sunthorn Ratchawongsa Monument (Chao Kham Sing) ready to open the stage More than 5,000 people attended the hearing.

Mr. Warawut gave a speech about 30 years ago when Mr. Banharn Minister of Industry came to pay homage to the City Pillar Shrine and donated 30,000 baht for the construction of the City Pillar Shrine and personally came to Yasothon Province, following his father campaigning since childhood therefore has a connection with the area Some say there is inheritance. Why do you want to play politics? Why is it difficult to walk in the sun? That’s because the people of Yasothon Province have always been good to the Chart Thai Party. to the Chart Thai Pattana Party Today, Mr. Banharn has passed away for many years. and must continue to pick up wood Every time you campaign received a loincloth girded around his waist makes me miss my father This is why I asked for volunteers from Yasothon province in the upcoming election. And ask for support for the two candidates of the party, namely Mr. Weerasak, Region 1 and Mr. Trongsit Tangchaturawit, Region 3, to be the eyes and ears. Help alleviate the suffering of the people. Because we listen and do it for Yasothon people to have a better quality of life.

“Today, it is a pity that we do not have candidates for MPs for District 2, Yasothon Province, but tomorrow there will be. And one day, all 3 districts in Yasothon Province will have MPs from the Chart Thai Pattana Party. Like in the era of Mr. Banharn’s Chart Thai Party Today we have been working as a government for 4 years. When choosing MPs, we have to choose people to go to work. Better choose a buffalo to plow the field, so this election If Mr. Weerasak And Mr. Trongsit has become an MP and does not work. I’m going to hit the buttocks for you to see, ”said Warawut.

Mr. Warawut also emphasized that the Chart Thai Pattana Party’s “Wow Thailand” policy does not focus on reducing, exchanging, giving away, but rather finding tools. Find an opportunity to make a living, along with stating that many previous forums have asked people at every stage. I want the Chart Thai Party to develop into the opposition or the government. All stages answer the same. I want to be a government, so I ask if there has ever been a party that came to the polls and said that it would go to work in the opposition or not. We want to go into work to serve the people’s brothers and sisters.

“We never had enemies, made only friends, when we landed there were only friends. Never attacked anyone Because they have to make friends to solve problems for the people, so in this election there are two cards, the first one asking to choose Mr. Weerasak and Mr. Trongsit. The other one is choosing a party. I know that Isan has a lot of political parties. I’m here to ask for a little bit of space in the hearts of the Yasothon people. You don’t have to love the Chart Thai Pattana Party too much. But let’s love for a long time And I will come back to Yasothon again after getting the number. And after the election is over on May 14, we will immediately come and work for the people of Yasothon in every district like Banharn did, ”said Warawut.

Mr. Prapat said that he traveled to Yasothon for the first time with Mr. Banharn in 1983 to develop Yasothon. We used to have party MPs in this province. today you are not here But there are still important heirs to continue But to go further, there must be a Yasothon MP, so we must plant the flag. and would like to see Mr. Warawut as Prime Minister in the future because he is a son of the former Prime Minister Everything is ready before emphasizing that I came here because I wanted to take care of the people. Because the people of the country are in trouble therefore asked to support the Chart Thai Pattana Party and elected Mr. Weerasak and Mr. Trongsit to work. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency